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I feel really bad writing this, but please read.

For those who don’t know, my name is Pierce and I’m transgender ftm. My home situation has never been good, but ever since I came out to my family they have gotten worse… My parents have been refusing to buy me nessisary things I need. Clothes, food, I haven’t had a bed for about a year. I sleep on the floor. I’d get a job and save up money, but my parents restrict everything. Since I’m 14, not yet the legal work age of 15 in my state, I can’t get a job. My parents won’t let me find any way to make money. The hardly even let me go out with friends. I’ve recently started volunteering at a youth wellness center but I don’t make any money from that. I just enjoy being with the kids and my friends and away from home.

Now that winter is coming it’s warmer clothes weather. And I have none. The only warm clothes I have is my girlfriends hoodie, she is letting me keep it so I don’t freeze in the morning. Things are getting so bad I’m having trouble focusing in school and things seem so shitty I just want to run away but I know I don’t have anywhere to go. I have to be here for another four years.

I feel really terrible doing this, but I wouldn’t unless I needed too. I really need winter clothes. I would do transgender clothes exchanges and stuff, but I’d get beaten by my parents if they knew I was reaching out for help. I’m hoping I can get the money I need and say someone else got the clothes for me. A friend or something. I have no clue yet, I just know I need to get clothes before winter is here. I have nothing warm. I hardly have enough clothes as it is.

If anyone could donate to me I’d be so grateful. I’m not looking for anything crazy, even $100 would buy me enough warm clothes to last me throughout the winter. My paypal is even just a dollar would help me

I don’t have much to offer, but I want to give little thank you doodles based on your blog to anyone who donates. I’d be so grateful. Please send me a private message so I can thank you personally.

Even if you can’t donate, thank you for taking the time to read this

fucking protect trans youth at all costs

The minute I get the money I’m donating :)

As the mother of a transgender child, the actions of your parents makes me sick! They have no decency left in them if they’re willing to risk your health on THEIR personal beliefs. If I could, I’d get you myself and show your parents what a wonderful human being you are and that whatever else, you are perfect just the way you are! Please hang in there, the good people of tumblr have heard and are spreading the word like wildfire!

Okay, I really need to get this place cleaned up. I might just delete this whole account and restart.

Because everything’s a mess, people I don’t want following me are doing so you should know who you are, tbh There’s a thousand and one posts and 20X as many likes and it’s hectic.

I’ll decide what I do with this account permanently later. For now, I may or may not go on a mini un-follow spree

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